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Pain Research Challenge Award Winners!

Congrats to Sarah Ross (University of Pittsburgh), Ben Kolber (Duquesne University), Edita Navratilova¬†(University of Arizona), Frank Porreca (University of Arizona), and Volker Neugebauer (Texas Tech University) on winning the Pain Research Challenge Award for their video submission: “Kappa Antagonists to Treat Pain”! Other Teams who Received Pain Research Challenge Awards:   Eric Helm and Matt …


What to look forward to:

  • Charles Chavkin

    December 13th | Seminar Series: Molecular Mechanisms of Addiction Risk

  • Alexander Chesler

    February 21st | Seminar Series: Cells and Molecules for Touch and Pain

  • David Clark

    Seminar Series: Autoimmunity and Persistent Pain

  • Theodore Price

    Seminar Series: Translation Regulation in Chronic Pain

  • Donna Hammond

    Seminar Series: Peripheral Neuropathy: Bench to Bedside



Kathy Albers
Epithelial-neuronal communication
Brian Davis
Visceral Pain

Michael Gold
Peripheral mechanisms of pain

Howard Gutstein
Opioids and pain

Rick Koerber
Somatosensory information processing following injury
Sarah Ross
Neural circuits of itch and pain

Rebecca Seal
Neural circuits underlying touch and pain