Jami Saloman, PhD


Jami Saloman

PhD – University of Maryland (2012)
B.A. – Boston University (2006)

Office: E1457 BSTWR
200 Lothrop Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Phone: 412-648-9568
Fax: 412-648-1441
E-mail: jls354@pitt.edu

Research Interests:

Although my undergraduate research explored language perception in human subjects, my training has been largely in the fields of basic neuroscience and pain neurobiology. My graduate training focused on channel-channel and channel-receptor interactions involved in the development of masseter hypersensitivity as well as analgesia. My current interests involve exploring how communication between neurons, immune cells, and their target organs not only regulate homeostasis but also how these interactions drive the development of pathophysiological states. My main research program employs a mouse model of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) to study the role of the nervous system in cancer, both with respect to pain and neurogenic inflammation as well as tumorigenesis itself. Our most recent studies focus on how denervation of the pancreas can slow or halt development of tumors. We are currently interested in elucidating the mechanisms underlying the efficacy of denervation. Toward this end, we are investigating whether denervation regulates the immune system, which is known to be dysregulated throughout PDAC progression.

Other research programs I am involved with explore normal function of sensory afferents and how afferent function changes with injury or inflammation. Toward this end, we have utilized anatomical, behavioral, optogenetic, chemogenetic, calcium imaging and electrophysiological techniques to identify underlying mechanisms driving pain, neurogenic inflammation and cancer.


Refereed articles

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