The course is offered in fall semesters and meets in room 1495 BST on Mondays from 3:00 – 5:00. (2 semester hours)

Course Director: Dr. Michael Gold -

This course provides attendees with vocabulary and knowledge about anatomy, physiology, mechanisms and modulation of pain. This fundamental knowledge is complemented by assigned readings from the literature and clinical presentations about pain syndromes and pain management.

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Pain Models Schedule Fall 2019

Aug. 26 - Pain Toxonomy - History/Nociceptors (Lecture 1/Lecture 2)

Readings: Carlton 2014, Bonica Chapter, Melzack-Wall 1965, Mendell 2014Perl 2007

Sept 9 - Dorsal horn/Ascending circuits (Lecture 3/Lecture 4)

Readings: Woodbury-Ritter-Koerber 2000, Todd 2017, The Ascending Circuit paper by Wercberger and Basbaum is not published yet and is therefore in the password protected folder.

Sept 16 - Supraspinal circuits/Descending pathways


Supraspinal: For a primer on imaging, for review on pain matrices, other solid reviews from leaders in the field: Bushnell, Legrain

Descending Circuits: Must read, another good review, and one of the more recent high profile papers on the topic.

Sept 23 - Injury-induced changes in Nociceptors/Dorsal horn

Readings: Gold-Gebhart 2010Petho-Reeh 2012, Peirs and Seal 2016

Sept 30 - Neuropathic pain

Readings: Hurley-Henriques-Wu 2007Costigan-Scholz-Woolf 2009Meacham 2017

Oct 7 - Low back pain


Oct 14 - Itch and Pain

Readings: Ikoma 2006Pruritus: Overview of managementPruritus: Etiology and patient evaluation

Oct 23 - SFN meeting

Oct 28 - Cancer pain

Readings: King 2018, Portenoy 2011, Cancer Pain 2018 Final

Nov 4 - Musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia

Readings: Jankowski-Ross-Queme-2017

Nov 11 - Visceral pain

Readings: Mayer 2015, Wilder-Smith 2011

Nov 18 - Perioperative pain

Readings: Rabbitts 2017, Chou 2016

Nov 25 - Pain and addiction

Readings: Volkow-McLellan 2016Elman-Borsook 2016Ballantyne 2017

Dec 2 - Psychosocial/behavioral assessment/Headache

Readings: Simons-Elman-Borsook 2014, Thorn Cog Therapy 2017