Our Current Trainees

Predoctoral Trainees:

Karen Clark- kbc29@pitt.edu

I am working in Michael Gold’s laboratory studying the impact of sex and stress on neuroimmune interactions in the dura mater in the context of migraine.



Tyler Nelson - tsn11@pitt.edu

I am working with Bradley Taylor to investigate the microcircuitry of the spinal cord dorsal horn and how neuropathic injury can lead to maladaptive changes in sensory processing using molecular, behavioral, and physiological approaches.

Postdoctoral Trainees:

David Ferreira - davidferreira_2005@hotmail.com

I am working with Dr. Rebecca Seal to investigate the cellular and molecular aspects of persistent pain in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) and spinal cord (SC), focusing on the functional/neural circuitry of specific subpopulations of neurons following chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain models, and in the regulation of morphine analgesia by CCKergic system in mice.


Charles Warwick - warwickc@pitt.edu

I am working with Drs. Sarah Ross and Rick Korber to dissect spinal mechanisms of pain and itch using optogenetics, pharmacology, electrophysiology, and multiphoton calcium imaging. I am trying to determine what neural circuits permit dissociation of itch and pain despite being mediated by overlapping sensory neurons.