Pain Models – Rationale, Testing and Interpretation

Mondays 3:30 – 4:30 Starzl BST Room 1495

Course Director: Sarah E. Ross,, BST W1456, 412-624-9178

Course Description: This course will focus on the design and analysis of animal and human pain models. Classes will be interactive, with a focus on experimental design. We will discuss the relevant history and rationale for use of different tests/models, including critical assessment of strengths/weaknesses and limitations to interpretation of outcomes.

Students registered in the course will be evaluated based on their participation during lectures (25%), a mock review of a paper (50%), and a final examination (25%).


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Pain Models Schedule Fall 2017

Aug. 28th - Fundamentals of Animal Behavior and Acute Sensory Testing (Ross)

Sept. 11th - Experimental Design (Ross)

Sept. 18th - Power Calculations and Statistics (Gold)

Sept. 25th - Neuropathic Pain Models (Gold)

Oct. 2nd - Neuropathic Pain Models (Gold)

Oct. 9th - Rigor and Reproducibility (Seal)

Oct. 16th - Inflammatory Pain Models (Albers)

Oct. 23rd - Models of Itch (Ross)

Oct. 30th - Visceral Pain Models (Davis)

Nov. 6th - Orofacial/Head Pain Models (TMD, Migrane, TN) (Gold)

Nov. 13th - TBD

Nov. 20th - Cancer Pain Models  (Davis)

Nov. 27th - Molecular Genetic Approaches to Understand Pain Circuits (Seal)

Dec. 4th - Human Pain Models (Ibinson)

Dec. 11th - Final Examination (Ross)