Current Research on Pain (CROP) 2018

Share your research with the community!                                             The Current Research on Pain is a forum for trainees to present their research and receive feedback from members of the Pain Center. It is attended all trainees and Pain Center faculty. All are welcome to attend. Students are welcome to take this as a one-credit class (MSNBIO 2682). Meetings are every other Thursday at noon in BST 1495. Each semester, one trainee receives a $100 prize for Best Research Presentation. For more information, contact Sarah Ross (


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Current Research Schedule Spring 2019

Jan. 10th - Stephanie Puig (Gutstein Lab)

Jan. 24th - Jorge Pineda (Gold Lab)

Feb. 7th - Brian Edwards (Davis Lab)

Feb. 21st - David Ferreira (Seal Lab)

March 7th - Jane Hartung (Gold Lab)

March 21st - Charles Warwick (Koerber/Ross Lab)

April 11th - Eileen Nguyen (Ross Lab)

April 25th - Joe Salsovic (Koerber Lab)

May 9th - Diogo Francisco Santos (Taylor Lab)

May 23rd - Tayler Sheahan (Ross Lab)

June 6th - Marsha Ritter Jones (Albers Lab)

June 20th - Kim Howard-Quijano (Mahajan Lab)

Previous Current Research Schedule Fall 2018

Sept. 6th - Jonathan Cohen (Kaplan lab)
TRPV1 Nociceptors are Sufficient for Cutaneous Type-17 Inflammation

Sept. 20th - Jamie Moy (Gold lab)
Activity-dependent nociceptor sensitization

Oct. 4th - Ghanshyan Sinha (Taylor lab)
Dorsal horn neurophysiology of latent pain sensitization and its inhabition by neuropeptide receptors

Oct. 18th - Kim Meerschaert (Davis lab)
Differentiating the role of vagal and spinal afferents in proximal colon nociception

Nov. 1st - Cheryl Hillery

Nov. 15th - Yan Xu

Nov. 29th - Jami Saloman (Davis lab)

Dec. 13th - Junichi Hachisuka (Koerber/Ross lab)

Previous Current Research Schedule Spring 2018

Jan. 4th - Michael Chiang (Ross lab) 
Lateral parabrachial nucleus mediates separable aspects of the nociceptive response

Jan. 18th - Jessie Merlin (Medicine)
Chronic Pain in People Living with HIV: State of the Science 

Feb. 15th - Caroline Oppenheimer (Psych)
Associations among social pain, physical pain, and risk for self-injurious behaviors

March 1st - Yehui Zhu (Nursing)
Musculoskeletal Symptoms with Endocrine Therapy for Breast Cancer

March 15th - Lillian Laemmle (Kinchington Lab)
Probing the genetics underlying VZV latency, reactivation, and pain

March 29th - Cynthia Arokiaraj (Seal Lab)
Somatosensory Role of Cholecystokinin in the Non-Human Primate Dorsal Horn

April 12th - Ben Kolber (Duquesne)
Exploration of Exercise Analgesia in Humans

April 26th - Jillian Weeks (Sved Lab)
Modeling nicotine use in chronic pain patients

May 10th - Marsha Ritter-Jones (Albers Lab)
Neurturin, MrgprD-expressing neurons, and immunity

May 24th - Emanuel Loeza (Gold Lab)
Peripheral GABA receptors regulate colonic afferent excitability and visceral nociception

June 7th - Sarah Najjar (Albers Lab)
Epithelial-neuronal signaling in the colon: implications for visceral pain

June 21th - Suzanne Doolan (Taylor/Doolan Lab)
Targeting spinal calcium permeable AMPA receptors in latent central sensitization and chronic pain

Previous Current Research Schedule Fall 2017

Sept. 7th - Stephanie Puig (Gutstein lab)
PDGFR-β signaling mediates Morphine Tolerance in the spinal cord and in the periphery

Sept. 21st - Nam Vo 
Intervertebral disc degeneration and associated low back pain

Oct. 5th - Junichi Hachisuka (Ross lab)
Excitatory interneuron network inducing wind-up

Oct. 12th - Ben Alter 
Modulating pain through learning and expectation

Oct. 26th - Brain Day

Nov 9th - Jane Hartung (Gold lab)
Stress, traumatic brain injury and headache!

Nov 30th - Marta Pecina 
Treatment expectancy modulation of pain and emotion

Dec. 7th - Jorge Pineda (Gold lab) 
Mechanisms underlying the therapeutic efficacy of carbamazepine in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Dec. 14th - Kristen Smith-Edwards (Davis lab)  
Mapping functional connections in the enteric nervous system                                                                                                                            

Previous Current Research Schedule Spring 2017

Feb. 2nd - Tara Edwards (Kaplan lab)
Are you picking up what I’m putting down? How peripheral neurons detect signals from Candida albicans

Feb. 16th - David Levinthal
A neural basis for mind-body interactions in health and disease: New insights into an old problem

March 2nd - Sarah Najjar (Albers lab)
Optogenetic Investigation of Epithelial-Neuronal Signaling in the Colon

March 16th - Emanuel Loeza (Gold lab)
Modulation of colonic afferent's excitability by GABA receptors

March 30th - Marsha Ritter Jones
Neurturin in neural-immune communication

April 13th -Nate Glasgow (Urban lab)
Mechanisms of biophysical diversity in olfactory bulb mitral and tufted cells

April 27th - Ben Warner (Kinchington lab)
A growth conditional varicella-zoster virus for study in the rat pain model of postherpetic neuralgia

May 11th - Jami Saloman (Davis lab)
Can NGF sequestration slow pancreatic cancer?

June 8th - Michael Chiang                                                                                                                                                       Neural circuits underlying the affective component of pain.

Previous Current Research Schedule Fall 2016

Sept. 1st - Lindsey Snyder (Ross lab)
Kappa opioid signaling in somatosensation

Sept. 15th - Daniel Shiwarski (Puthenveedu lab)
Surface delivery of delta opioid receptors as a strategy to increase antinociceptive efficacy

Sept. 29th - Dave Whitcomb (Whitcomb lab)
Complexity of Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis

Oct. 13th - Qing Liu (Gold lab)
Opioid induced loss of local anesthetic potency in total knee arthroplasty patients

Oct. 27th - Marissa Kuzirian (Ross lab)
Understanding the elusive function of cortical inhibitory projection neurons

Nov. 10th -Annie Liu (Urban lab)
Effect of early odorant exposure on the structure and output of the mammalian olfactory bulb

Nov. 15th - SfN week

Nov. 22nd - Thanksgiving week

Dec. 1st - Maggie Wright (Koerber lab)
Characterization of MrgD-lineal cutaneous afferents

Dec. 15th - Cedric Peirs (Seal lab)
Circuits and Mechanisms for Mechanical Allodynia