Pain Research Challenge Award Winners!

Congrats to Sarah Ross (University of Pittsburgh), Ben Kolber (Duquesne University), Edita Navratilova (University of Arizona), Frank Porreca (University of Arizona), and Volker Neugebauer (Texas Tech University) on winning the Pain Research Challenge Award for their video submission: “Kappa Antagonists to Treat Pain”!

Other Teams who Received Pain Research Challenge Awards:


Eric Helm and Matt Koster (University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University)

– “walking”

Christina Mair and Bridget Freisthler (University of Pittsburgh and Ohio State University)

– “SADPain”

Maria Pacella (University of Pittsburgh and COPE)

– “Coaching Pain and PTSD Elimination”

Votes have been tallied

Sarah Najjar (Albers lab) and Rick Koerber tie to win website image competition. Lindsey Snyder (Ross lab) trails by one vote and nabs third. Congratulations to all and check out the beautiful new images!